Marilyn Bushnell

Marilyn Bushnell is the Broker and owner of and Bushnell & Bushnell Services, a real estate brokerage and consulting company dedicated to helping aspiring and current innkeepers achieve their goals in the independent lodging industry. She and her late husband, Scott, owned and operated The Lafayette Inn in Easton, PA for 10 years.

Upon selling the Inn, they opened their consulting and real estate business, staying in the industry they loved. Marilyn holds Brokerage licenses in several states, working exclusively in the unique lodging industry, nationwide.

During her 25+ years in the innkeeping industry, Marilyn has served as volunteer staff for the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII), the Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP), and the Association of Lodging Professionals (ALP). In appreciation of the generous work she and her husband performed for the innkeeping industry, ALP created an endowed innkeeper’s scholarship. She has also served on committees of various Realtors’ organizations.

Marilyn currently lives in Baltimore, MD, where she grew up. Prior to entering the innkeeping trade, she held Human Resources Management positions at McCormick & Co., Gilroy Foods and Proctor & Gamble.

Marilyn enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and great movies when not working at her true avocation in the hospitality industry.

At The Lafayette Inn

With former aspiring innkeepers who have graduated on to owning their own inns

Comments from clients on past sales

July 23, 2018

Deborah Gold
802 Ash Street
Fernandina Beach Florida 32034

Referral for Hoyt House Listing

After almost 6 years owning a Bed & Breakfast we decided to sell our beautiful inn. It is a special listing and you have to find someone who knows the market and has experience in listing such a property. Well we found the pros to list our property Scott & Marilyn Bushnell.

First off, I want to say it was a true pleasure to work with Scott & Marilyn. Without their guidance and support, I truly don’t believe it could have gone any smoother. They found several potential buyers and from listing to a contract in hand it took 3 months on the market. We were well prepared to continue our Bed & Breakfast for another year as these properties can be on the market for some time.

We were thrilled to get a buyer and unprepared to sell so quickly, but we got our ducks in a row thanks to Scott & Marilyn. It didn’t matter which one you spoke to, they always knew what was going on and we had very few surprises during the entire process. Marilyn would give updates and let us know where we were and how things were going. She also was the liaison with the buyer’s agent and the buyer’s bank requests, which really helped in expediting any documents in a timely matter. So it wasn’t five or six people calling you, just Marilyn or Scott.

Additionally, they assessed our property, gave us a complete game plan as to the evaluation of the property, and gave us great advice with certain decisions that we had to make. It was never “their way” but when we would decide on certain matters it was usually “good choice”. One or two decision we made they did not agree, but we had their support in any decisions we made.

I would highly recommend Bushnell Services and would be more than happy to talk to any prospective clients. You are in good hands selling or buying, your dream Bed & Breakfast. Thank you again Scott & Marilyn for your professional and sincere service. Most appreciated.


Deborah Gold
The Hoyt House Bed & Breakfast Amelia Island, Florida

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